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What are the usual career mistakes to avoid before it’s too late.

Let’s say if you’re just at the beginning of your career or you’ve been in the job market for a couple of years, it’s easy to lose perspective, vision, and strategy over where you’re going and where you’ve been and what’s next. This decision-making process leaves a lot of our future to chance, and it removes our ability to control how our career can fulfill our dreams and hold our future strong.

What are the usual career mistakes to avoid before it’s too late

Few of the biggest career mistakes people make, with some new perspective. Even the best career advice sometimes perpetuates myths that have to be dispelled. In our careers, we all need people who will give us direct and candid feedback and coaching, and this means we have to think beyond the tactical work and build relationships with people we can trust and who will trust us as well.

We all make mistakes in the workplace at one point or another. However, repeatedly making the same professional mistakes will decrease your happiness on the job and your quality of life. The good news is that many of these mistakes are easy to dodge in the first place. Here are a few common we usually commit.

What are the usual career mistakes to avoid before it’s too late

Most of us make the same mistake is to get into a career someone else is pushing you into, whether that includes parents, spouse, friends, etc.

The other career mistake is choosing a job which is just because it pays a lot of money. In that situation, you’re likely to end up hating your job, resenting those you’re trying to please, and regretting your decision.

Staying in the same job as a senior professional and getting used to it and living in the box till the end of time. Believing that you cannot get a job outside of the realm of subjects you studied.

Not leaving the work behind when leaving the office. Going through the events of the day, and being concerned about what tomorrow will be pilling up related to a job.

What are the usual career mistakes to avoid before it’s too late

Being over committed to the job. Sacrificing yourself beyond the requirements of time and effort that you are paid for and not living a happy and peaceful life.

Devoting all the energy at the workplace in planning, competing with others, attending needless meetings, trying to excel in everything- even in the tasks that are not in your roles and responsibility list. Coming home drained, not having any energy whatsoever to allocate to anything apart from job-related assignments.

Being anxious about attending meetings. Being anxious about talking to high-ranking officials. Being anxious about pinging someone. Being anxious about going to the toilet. Being over-anxious in everything you do.

What are the usual career mistakes to avoid before it’s too late

Possessing a want to be present at every meeting. Not realizing that the business would go on just fine without you. Making the organization more important than yourself.

Being a mental slave to the organization. Feeling guilty of taking an off from office. Trying to exercise control over others at the workplace. Needing victories over other people for a sense of satisfaction.

Multi-tasking. Making yourself incapable of doing one thing at a time, like listening to someone. Feeling ashamed about relaxing.

What are the usual career mistakes to avoid before it’s too late

Comparing yourself with your colleagues to determine your self-worth. Focusing on doing things as them, rather than focusing on your career goals and doing things in line with them.

Having a rat race mentality. Viewing career as a race full of struggles and exhaustion. Believing that the point of career is to outperform others.

Expecting your manager to recognize your accomplishments without asking for it. Putting full loyalty in the organization and expecting it to be true to you. Not realizing the fact that organizations exist to make money, and they’ll replace you as cheaply as possible when it’s time.

Being in a job and seeing it as for being all and end all. Not reflecting on what you really want to do with life, and taking time to pursue it.

What are the usual career mistakes to avoid before it’s too late

There are many acts which are just going to put a full stop to your peace of mind and at the end, we must always remember it’s not going to help you lead a peaceful life and taking you towards depression and the ill effect will be more to pay later.

First, understand what you’re worth. Look at your annual reviews, get an understanding for what others in your position with your level of experience making and get a sense, backed with reason, as to what your contribution to the company’s growth has added to the company’s bottom line
The bottom line is, pay attention to your inner feeling:

Your strengths and the things others tell you-you're good. The career that energizes and excite you instead of drain you at the end of the day. The career that gives you peace instead of stress you out.

Other people who are doing the things you’re interested in. Talk to them. Find out how they got to where they are. If you pursue those things, they will build upon one another, leading to new opportunities that will eventually make up the whole of your career.

The time will come when the higher management changes and you will be viewed as “just a new bee”, regardless of your contributions.

What are the usual career mistakes to avoid before it’s too late

When it comes to career, just do what you think is right. You never need anyone’s approval for that. 

Keep working on your skills, take the risk, move on try something new which you are interested in.

So my advice out there, know your goals. Know your motivations. Know your mission in life. Start assessing yourself what is it that you really wanted & mostly, what is it that is most beneficial to you.

What are the usual career mistakes to avoid before it’s too late

A career you can look back on with satisfaction and without any regret.