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10 Best and Free Website Traffic Generator

There is bundle of website traffic generator available in the market. But, every site owner are confused, whether to buy or not, which would be genuine, will my site get penalized from Google, will it be user-friendly, control traffic, keep track on Analytics, and above all will it boost the Alexa ranking.

So, keeping in mind all the above doubts and confusions, below are lists of top 7 best free website traffic generator, which not only provides all the above features but also offers free trial period before buying the full package.

However, using website traffic generator or traffic bots has significant advantages and disadvantages too. But as you have already decided to use traffic generators I will not state its disadvantages. 

What are the advantages of using website traffic generators or traffic bots?

  1. Website traffic generators or the traffic bots can:
  2. Reduce your website’s bounce rate
  3. Increase your site impressions
  4. Increase unique visitors
  5. Sell your high traffic sites
  6. Increase your Alexa ranking.

Traffic Bot

Traffic Bot is a high-quality traffic generator and it is best for you if you want some large amount of traffic to your website or blog.

10 Best and Free Website Traffic Generator

It can deliver more than millions of traffic each month and thus increase your Alexa rankings.

It also guarantees real conversions and sends authentic visitors to your site. Once you create a project, they will help you to select a country’s traffic which you want to receive.

You can also try it for free by simply providing your email address and your site URL and can get 2000 page views for 20 hours.

With Website Traffic Generator, you can send unlimited niche wise traffic to your website or blog. You just have to simply set the number of visitors you desire and the rest of the work being done by Website Traffic Generator.

10 Best and Free Website Traffic Generator

The best thing about Website Traffic Generator is that all it visits are direct real visits or niche wise visit and you can target from social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

The traffic sent from Website Traffic Generator is safe with Google search algorithm and it boosts your search engine rankings and Alexa ranking as well.

In order to download Website Traffic Generator software, you have to contribute .006 Bitcoins or 0.08 Bitcoins coins and it’s a lifetime license fee. is one best website traffic generator which is capable of generating more traffic as per your requirement. In order to receive free website traffic, you neither have to buy any traffic nor have to do any kinds of special work. has partners who can create large number of visitors per day. Also if you purchase a traffic campaign, you are being displayed on these websites according to the category and the visitor targeting that you chose, until your target number of visitors is reached.

10 Best and Free Website Traffic Generator

If you write about in your blog post and provide the link to and you will receive 10,000 visitors to your website over 30 days period. Or, you can also purchase special traffic from with 50,000 targeted visitors for just $126/Month.

Using traffic Spirit to drive traffic will surely get you traffic that will increase site visitors. The software gets you lots of traffic without spending anything. And also this tool drives traffic to your site from Google and other search engines like yahoo, Bing and more.

10 Best and Free Website Traffic Generator

It work pretty cool with AdSense in increasing your ads revenue and decreases your working time as a blogger.

Traffic spirit can be manually configured for site visitors, or, you can also purchase special traffic to targeted visitors for cheap price.

With Babylon Traffic you can get huge quantity and cheap traffic that you always wanted and it enables you to drive millions of visitors to your website or blog.

10 Best and Free Website Traffic Generator

The traffic generated can be selected as per your requirements and targeted according to Geo, organic, etc.

You can also try it for free by simply adding your email address and website URL and it will send you 50 visits to your website or blog.  

10KHits is an exchanger that lets you continuously surf and earn points without any interruptions, pop-ups or frame breakers.

10 Best and Free Website Traffic Generator
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It comes with a very good feature of white level traffic and this can change your traffic source from default to social, custom, natural or unknown traffic to your site or blog.

This is an adaptable application and is outfitted with a lithe dashboard which empowers you to pick up your first indicates and get guests your site or blog in a flash.

In order to receive traffic to website or blog from Traffic Ape. You have to become an active member of Traffic Ape.
It is an ideal tool if you have an online business and involved in selling your products and services online or have your own YouTube channel.

10 Best and Free Website Traffic Generator

You can also upgrade to Super Awesome pack at a very reasonable rate of $29.99/Year or at $3.99/Month.

FeelingSurf is a traffic exchange site available in French and English that allows you to receive many visitors per day and which has generated more than 1.6 billion visits.

10 Best and Free Website Traffic Generator

With FeelingSurf, you can receive anonymous traffic on your website, blog and receive visitors from specific countries through geographic targeting which surfs simultaneously from several locations
choose the duration of each visit on your site (between 10 and 60 seconds) Sign up bonus (100 free visits.)

With Traffic Swirl, you can get traffic to your website, blogs, and social media at very reasonable and affordable rates.
It is best for those who want to generate leads with a guarantee form actual views from their visitors.

10 Best and Free Website Traffic Generator

You can also utilize a unique task system available to acquire more views and followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr blog comments as well as email newsletter subscribers.

It also offers geo-targeted traffic, which helps you to reach out to your target audience.

Traffic send is the free traffic exchange that is also the easiest way to exchange visitors or buy it at very low cost, increasing your website traffic and boosting Alexa ranking.

10 Best and Free Website Traffic Generator

Download the exchanger app and start earning points, or just buy traffic package. That's it; now just wait for visitors to come at your websites.

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